Here at money plans, we invest in tree service companies around the united states providing capital to reinvest in equipment and marketing to get your name out there. We select our companies through a step of simple processes we evaluate the company’s balance sheet, their customer service, and how their client outreach, and the number of satisfied customers. With all of this information, we can make a valuable decision about which company to choose from. We know the tree niche is something that is very much needed in every state you are in because trees grow all year round and they always end up getting out of hand and growing into our roofs and our yards where we don’t want them too. We don’t always know or have the time to cut and trim our own trees it can be hard, and we can end up damaging the health of the tree by cutting parts of it we are not supposed to cut, and then it won’t grow the same. That’s why we always recommend going with a professional affordable tree service company in your area.

Our Partners in Lansing Michigan:

We have partnered with a lot of tree companies in the past
Our Tree Service Pros in Michigan are one of the most certified, established, and trained tree companies in the area. They also have a Lansing tree service blog that they update constantly with the newest content and explaining to their audience the steps that it takes to be a tree arborist specialist. They provide all the quality work needed to have the best outcome for the job